Type of Client: Health Care Product
Client’s Issue: Needed an Attorney for their Series A Financing from a Minnesota Angel Investor.
My Approach: Working with the founders and the Angel Investor counsel, we structured a Series A financing and all ancillary agreements, implemented a Scientific Advisory Board and a Stock Option Plan.
Result: Closed the Series A Financing 


Type of Client: Start-Up
Client’s Issue: A local entrepreneur asked us to help her start a new business
My Approach: We helped develop the business plan, formed the limited liability company, helped negotiate the lease for her premises, and structured the initial equity and debt investment into the business
Result: Successful transaction 


Type of Client: High Tech Start-Up
Client’s Issue: A hi-tech startup needed $2,000,000 of venture capital financing
My Approach: We negotiated the financing terms, documented the transaction, arranged for the cash infusion.
Result: Closed the financing 

Type of Client: Manufacturing Start-Up
Client’s Issue: A group of entrepreneurs started a luxury products business. We were brought in at the early stage
My Approach: We assisted them in the start-up corporate work; structuring and closing several rounds of financing (aggregating over $10,000,000); negotiating contracts with manufacturers; advising as to corporate governance issues; drafting executive employment contracts and executive compensation plan; and working with overseas counsel to open an office in Europe
Result: Closed Deal


Type of ClientInfomercial entrepreneur
Client’s Issue: An entrepreneur created a company to provide inventory financing services to companies selling their products via infomercials on television
My Approach: We structured, documented and closed a private equity fund to provide the needed financing, and developed the contracts with the client’s customers, the infomercial media company, and the product fulfillment house to facilitate the flow of funds for the sale of the infomercial products. Ultimately over $40,000,000 of financing was provided for various clients using this structure
Result: Closed Deal 


Type of Client: Entrepreneurial Team
Client’s Issue: A successful entrepreneurial team had grown their business to the level that attracted the attention of a nationally known major corporation. The founders decided to sell the business.
My Approach: We negotiated the sale agreement, which included an earn-out provision for some years after closing. We closed the transaction and monitored the earn-out until the full purchase price had been paid. When a dispute arose as to the final earn- out amount, we were able to demonstrate that the buyer’s calculations were incorrect, and resolved the dispute in the client’s favor and avoid litigation
Result: Successful transaction


Type of Client: Real Estate Developer
Client’s Issue: A real estate developer needed financing legal help to develop a condominium project
My Approach: We formed a limited liability company to finance the equity portion of the land acquisition and worked with management to finalize the land purchase loan. When the bank foreclosed on the land loan due to the downturn in the economy, we worked with the senior lender for additional time for the developer
Result: Saved the project


Type of Client: Environmental Firm
Client’s Issue: An environmental firm needed $11,000,000 in expansion financing
My Approach: We worked with the client’s board to set the terms, prepared a private placement memorandum, and closed a complicated financing that included short-term debt, equity infusion, debt conversion, and a rights offering to existing members, all in a difficult market
Result: Closed Deal

Type of Client: Asian-based company
Client’s Issue: Acquisition of a business
My Approach: This company wanted to acquire a U.S. seafood company which was for sale by auction. Mr. Peteler worked with the buyer and their investment bankers to guide them through the auction process, helped them win the auction bid, and then negotiated and closed a complicated financing to close the acquisition
Result: Closed Deal



Type of Client: Atlanta-based investment firm
Client’s Issue: Private placement of securities
My Approach: hired us to develop a convertible preferred stock financing structure for PIPEs transactions (private placements in public equity).
Result: We assisted in raising over $50,000,000 for this firm’s clients.

Type of Client: Major manufacturing company
Client’s Issue: Wanted to sell an operating division
My Approach: We represented the seller in the due diligence process, negotiation and closing of the sale
Result: Successful sale 


Type of Client: Family-owned manufacturing business
Client’s Issue: The owners wanted to retire from the business, and the senior management wanted to buy the business
My Approach: We negotiated the asset purchase contract and bank financing
Result: Closed the transaction

Type of Client: Software developer
Client’s Issue: Client needed help selling a new mapping software package
My Approach: We helped him negotiate the license of his product to a federal government agency
Result: Successful Transaction

Type of Client: Executive Recruiting and Compensation
Client’s Issue: An entrepreneurial company needed to hire a new executive
My Approach: We worked with the executive and his attorney, established a set of terms including salary, bonus, and stock options, and prepared the necessary contracts for the executive
Result: Successful hire